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Spark Nano 3.0 GPS Tracker

Spark Nano 4.0 - The Best Choice In Real-Time Tracking

spark nanoThe Next Generation of GPS

The Spark Nano 3.0 is the most intuitive, cost-effective, and customizable real-time tracker on the market today. Small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, the Nano is perfect for tracking people, vehicles, or assets. View your target's location 24/7 and get live alerts directly from your computer or smartphone. With BrickHouse Security's exclusive GPS platform, you get more features than any comparable tracking system at a fraction of the cost.

New And Improved

When you purchase the Spark Nano 3.0, not only do you get a durable, accurate tracker with up to 23 hours of continuous tracking on a single charge, you also get full access to BrickHouse Security's Exclusive GPS Platform. With 3 customizable map views, our platform is the most user-friendly way to track your target. Unlike most other GPS interfaces, BrickHouse's platform now allows free mobile viewing from any smartphone for free; no expensive apps necessary. Because our platform is designed and operated by us, we are able to keep your costs lower than any other GPS provider on the market.

Effortless Set-Up

The Spark Nano 3.0 is activated before it's shipped to you without any extra fees. Check your e-mail for login information to access the platform, charge your device, and you're ready to track. To view your Nano's location from your mobile device, log on to from your tablet or smartphone. It's that easy.

Buzz About the Nano

The Spark Nano was named as Wired magazine's #1 choice in GPS tracking technology. They wrote, "The Spark was fast and sensitive enough to show us the moment our significant other (a willing participant) missed a turn on her way home."

Tech blog GPS Tracking Info praised the Nano, saying that it "raises GPS standards." For a full rundown of their glowing review, click here.

Experts in the industry know, if you're looking to track, look no further than the Spark Nano.

Track What Matters Most

Because of its small size and extensive list of features, the Spark Nano 3.0 is ideal for tracking nearly anything or anyone. If you're concerned about your teen's driving habits, the Nano can easily be hidden in a vehicle, giving you real-time location updates. And, if the car exceeds a certain speed limit, you'll receive e-mail or text notifications. Spouses concerned about infidelity can put their worries to rest. Putting the tracker in a bag or vehicle gives you the information you need to know if your partner is where they say they are. When placed in a backpack, the Nano 3.0 makes a great child tracker. On the BrickHouse GPS platform, you can set geofences, and, if the tracker exits a predefined area, you'll receive a text or e-mail alert.

Three FREE Months of Service

Get three months of service absolutely FREE. The Spark Nano is preset to track the location every three minutes. The tracking frequency can be adjusted to any time between one and 10 minutes based on your needs. Just call our experts at 800-654-7966 to adjust the frequency. After your three months of free service, you'll pay just $29.95 a month, billed quarterly. Of course, you can cancel at any time.

All GPS Devices ship pre-activated, without an activation fee. Purchase of the Spark Nano GPS system constitutes agreeing to the monthly service fees. To cancel the service, simply notify us by the 20th of the month to avoid being billed for the following month's service. If you discontinue service, and then wish to reactivate, a $49.95 charge is applied to cover this process. All service fees are non-refundable. Note: These rates are for domestic orders only (including Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands).

It's Good For Business

Employers concerned about how company vehicles are being used can look to the Nano 3.0 for all the answers they need. Track multiple vehicles simultaneously using the BrickHouse Security GPS platform so you always know where they are, where they've been, and how fast they were going.
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Spark Nano
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