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iTrail GPS Data Logger

itrail gps

iTrail GPS Data Logger Product Overview:

  • This GPS data logger captures location, speed, time

  • Pinpoint an actual address online in Google Maps or Google Earth

  • Small size makes it ideal for carrying it around or hiding it in a car, bag, etc.

  • 120 hour life battery for continuous reliable GPS tracking

  • Motion detection feature starts GPS tracking with movement to conserve battery

All it Takes is this Tiny GPS Data Logger to Find Out Exactly Where Your Car Has Been
The smallest GPS data logger yet, this 1.5 inch GPS data logger fits easily in a backpack, car, or in your pocket to capture GPS location points and detailed information like speed and time. The iTrail sleeps when there's no movement to conserve battery, and springs into action when movement is detected to capture up to 120 hours of GPS location data. Perfect for tracking family members or vehicles, simply plug the iTrail into your computer to quickly and easily download everywhere the iTrail's been including details like time, speed, and exact addresses visited in Google Maps and Google Earth.

Key Benefits:

  • Find out exactly where your family members, car, or employees have been

  • Access your iTrail reports online

  • Detailed reports

  • Small enough to be hidden anywhere--extremely portable

  • Tough exterior for outdoor use

  • Automatically enters sleep mode to conserve battery power when standing still

Popular Uses:

  • Analyze vehicles routes to improve efficiency to save money and time

  • Find out exactly what your kids are doing

  • Monitor new teen drivers

  • Perfect for law enforcement or private investigators

  • Record your route when hiking or biking


  • Displays exact addresses and GPS location data in Google Maps and Google Earth

  • Check speed, time, and exact address

  • Small size - only 1.5" x 1.5"

  • Water resistant for outdoor use

  • Automatically enters sleep mode to conserve battery power when standing still

  • 120 hours of continue tracking with powerful internal battery

  • Export your travel data in multiple formats such as HTML, PDF, MS-Word, CSV, and more)

Includes: iTrail GPS Data Logger USB charge/transfer cable Silicone casing

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iTrail GPS Data Logger Reviewed by Franklin White on 3:04 AM Rating: 5

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