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Dewalt Mobilelock GPS Locator


The Dewalt MOBILELOCK GPS w/ Anti-Theft Alarm is the most powerful asset management tool available today!

ONLY $249.95
  • Manage all onsite assets in real-time
  • Assisted GPS technology provides asset manager locating abilities in most indoor environments
  • Alarm notification contacts up to three people via phone call or e-mail
  • User customizable features: built-in sensors such as vibration sensor, door contact sensor, temperature sensor and other featuresin real-time
  • Built Tough: Weatherproof, impact resistant, heat resistant
  • Portable, wireless for complete asset protection

As a stand alone, portable, wireless GPS locating and alarm system, it is easily mounted to equipment using integrated heavy-duty magnets or fastening the unit into place using screws. Unlike other mobile asset protection systems that use radio frequency to locate stolen assets , MOBILELOCK™ features a GPS locator that can help users find stolen or lost assets in real time .

How does the DeWalt Mobilelock GPS work?

The four sensors built into the MOBILELOCK unit, tamper sensor , door contact sensor , vibration sensor and temperature sensor , can be programmed individually through a phone or the MOBILELOCK™ website to monitor the mobile asset. If an intruder tries to enter a secured area, disturb a piece of protected equipment, or remove the unit from the asset, the alarm activates and a signal is sent over  the cellular network.

Storm Platinum Platform For DeWalt

Unparalleled customization and reliability, Dewalt Mobilelock GPS is the only company to offer the world's most powerful GPS Tracking platform -- Lightning GPS Storm. This platform uses wireless communications networks and powerful mapping capabilities to provide unprecedented information on the location and status of company assets. This is the only platform to offer your company private and secure access to your own mobile monitoring platform, based on your company's needs. Get detailed information about any GPS in your fleet quickly and easily with this completely customized GPS platform.

If the MOBILELOCK™ protected asset is disturbed, the alarm is triggered and the user receives a phone call, text message or email notifying them that there has been a security breach. The user can log onto the MOBILELOCK™ website, enter their personal pass code and then access street maps or satellite imagery showing the approximate location of the MOBILELOCK™ unit. This enables users to quickly recover stolen or lost assets.

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Dewalt Mobilelock GPS Locator Reviewed by Franklin White on 2:46 AM Rating: 5

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