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All-in-One RF Bug Detector

MCD-22H All-in-One RF Bug Detector

Protect Your Privacy at Home or On the Go With This Easy-to-Use Wireless RF Bug Detector The RF Bug 

Detector finds phone taps, hidden cameras, GPS trackers, cell phone bugs and more.
  • Easy-To-Use; Flip the Switch to Start Detecting
  • Detects Analog, Digital & Spread Spectrum Up To 25 Ft.
  • Incredible Detection Range Up To 9 GHz

A Simple Solution for Bug Detection

As surveillance technology gets smaller and more sophisticated, it's rarely obvious when someone is watching you or listening in on your conversations. Alleviate any doubt with the portable RF Bug Detector. This device operates as both an RF frequency detector, securing against wireless cameras and listening devices as well as GPS trackers, and a phone tap detector to warn you in case of phone bugging.

The RF bug detection function is simple to use. Just turn the device on and its 3 LEDs will alert you to the presence of any devices transmitting a wireless signal up to 25 feet away, depending on signal strength. This includes wireless listening devices and cameras, as well as GPS tracking devices. The stronger the signal, the more LEDs will illuminate.

The phone jack adapter allows you to connect the device to any landline telephone. It will alert you to the presence of listening devices like the Infinity bug, or hook-switch bypass, which turn your phone's receiver into a microphone someone can use to listen in on private conversations. The telephone tap detect LED will immediately let you know if someone is listening in on your private conversations.

Also included is a “white noise” generator CD. Use any CD player to emit acoustic masking sound that will baffle the microphones in audio recorders and transmitters.

  • Scan Your Home For Any Bugs
  • Find Hidden Cameras In Dressing Rooms
  • Power: 9v Battery
  • Antenna: Internal
  • Detection Spectrum: 9 GHz
  • Detection Range: Up to 25'
  • 2 x 3.5 mm audio jack
In the Box 
  • One Radio Frequency Bug Detector
  • Earphone Jack
  • Earphones
  • White Noise Generator CD
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All-in-One RF Bug Detector Reviewed by Franklin White on 9:22 PM Rating: 5

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