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Frequency Finder Bug Detector

All-in-One Handheld Device Locates Transmitters, Cameras, Bugs, and GPS Trackers

This versatile all-in-one handheld unit detects wireless transmitters, camera lenses, phone taps, & GPS trackers.
  • Locate Nearly Any Surveillance Device
  • Detect GPS Trackers
  • Portable & Easy to Use
Easily Detects the Most Common Radio Frequency Signals

Be confident that your surroundings are free of hidden surveillance devices. The Frequency Bug Detector Pro is a:
  • Transmitter Detector
  • Camera Finder
  • GPS Detector
  • Phone Tap Detector
  • Laser Tap Detector
  • White Noise Generator
Small, Lightweight, and Simple to Use

Protect yourself from all the most commonly used bugs wherever you go. Scan a room or vehicle in minutes and be sure you know that no one is listening to what you say, watching what you do, or following your movements. It's easy enough for anyone to use to detect and zero in on a camera or audio transmitter almost immediately, and small enough to carry in a pocket or purse.

Why the Frequency Finder?

  • White noise generator helps keep your conversations private
  • Easy-to-read light meter indicates the proximity of any potential bugs
  • Detects several different kinds of bugs on various frequencies
The simple light meter alerts you to the presence of any wireless transmitters and GPS trackers within approximately 25 feet. As you approach the source of a signal, the meter will light up, until you're right on top of the transmission source. When looking for cameras, just connect the lens finder attachment to the top of the device and look through the lens to pinpoint their locations within about 15 feet.

Usage of Frequency Finder

  • Protect Phone Conversations
  • Find 
  • GPS Trackers
  • Hidden Cameras
  • Phone Taps
  • "Laser Taps"
  • Size: 4.25" x 2.25" x 1"
  • Detection Spectrum: 10MHz - 8GHz
What's In the Box
  • Frequency Bug Detector Pro
  • Lens finder attachment
  • RJ-11 telephone adapter
  • RJ-11 telephone cable
  • AC adapter
  • Earbud
  • Manual & Quickstart guide

Frequency Finder Bug Detector Reviewed by Franklin White on 7:38 PM Rating: 5

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  1. Nowadays, tracking your mobile phone has become very popular internet service. For the last two days, I was looking for the best one, which I will use permanently. My friend recommended me to try this one I hope you will like it too.


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