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Best Android Keylogger

Whether we like it or not, Android keyloggers and spy software are here to stay. In fact, android keylogger spy software has been developed for several mobile operating systems, and the fact that it was developed for the Android operating system tells us that companies think that this system will continue to grow in the future.

However, what is it that Android keylogger app does? The answer is simple. It collects information about how the Android based phone is being used and makes it available on a website so that the person who bought the Android spy program can see it.

Of course, keylogger Android software wasn’t meant to be an invasion or privacy or a way to break the law. In fact, it is illegal to install it on phones that aren’t technically yours. Not only it is illegal, but also difficult to install in somebody else’s phone. You’d have to take it without the person’s permission, install the software on it, and return it without the person noticing.

So, what can you do with it? Here are the three most common uses of the Android keylogger software:
  • Keeping an eye on your children. When children are lost and they don’t answer the phone, this kind of software can bring relief to a worried parent. Or, in case of an emergency, save a lot of precious time.
  • Monitoring your employees. We all like to think that our employees always use the phones we give them for the benefit of the company. However, it’s so easy to try to pass personal long distance calls as business calls in order to make the boss pick up the bill. This software can help put a stop to this practice.
As you can see, when people use Android spyware programs, it’s because they are protecting their interests or their family. It isn’t about hacking into other people’s phones or computers or e-mails. Just people like you and me, worried about protecting what’s valuable to us.

What Are the Available Android Keylogger and the Best Keyloggers for Android Phones

Highster Mobile

highster mobile
Highster Mobile is a powerful android keylogger spy software. It is the most advanced cell phone tracking and monitoring software used to confidentially record text messages or track call information from a specified mobile. This is the most powerful application used for remotely monitoring all the activities of a specific mobile phone from anywhere in the world. This application is very easy to install either through over the air links (OTA) by directly typing into the cell phone’s web browser or by directly transferring the application from computer to the target mobile through USB cable or via Bluetooth connection. For more information, you can read my Highster Mobile review or visit their website at


mSpy is a premium android keylogger with high quality features that allows you remote access to the information on any Android phone or tablet. You can track GPS location, read text messages and more with its undetectable Android spyware application. mSpy Android keylogger app is intuitive, easy to install and impossible to detect. It features high quality, top of the line technology that provides results quickly and delivers content seamlessly and reliably to your web-based Control Panel. For more information, you can read my mSpy review or visit their website at


FlexiSPY is the next generation of android keylogger and smartphone spy software. Do you suspect your child or employee is abusing their SMS or vehicle privileges? If yes, then this software is ideal for you. Install this small program directly onto the compatible smartphone you wish to monitor to begin recording.

Using the Internet capabilities of your phone, recorded activities, logs and GPS locations are quickly uploaded to your FlexiSpy account. To view the results, you simply login to your secure account using any computer or mobile web browser. Logs are displayed by categories and sorted for easy browsing. For more information, visit their website at



Mobistealth Cell Phone Spy Software and android keylogger empowers you to get the answers you truly want and deserve. Including a host of advanced surveillance features, our Cell Phone Spy Software secretly monitors all cell phone activities and sends the information back to your Mobistealth user account. You can download, install and start using Mobistealth Cell Phone Spy Software in just minutes.  For more information, please visit their website at



Spyera Phone version is sa oftware that you install on a smart phone to monitor everthing happening on the phone. After installation, SPYERA secretly records events (sms, call history, phone book, location, emails, What's App messages, IM, Facebook Chat, Skype, See photos taken and many more...) that happen on the phone and delivers these information to a web account, where you can view these reports 24/7 from any Internet enabled computer or mobile phone. 
SPYERA also allows you to listen to the surroundings of the target mobile , listen to the phone conversation and to know the location of the device. Spyera Phone offers a host of features that will help you feel better about your children using a smartphone when you are not around. This product's cell phone parental controls will help you find out exactly what is coming to your child's phone and what is going out. For more information, please visit

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