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PeekTab Review: Tablet Remote Keylogger and Monitoring Software

Are you looking for tablet remote keylogger and monitoring software that can help track your kid's or employee's iPad activity? Do you want to use install gps tracking software on your tablet in case it is stolen? Now I will introduce to you the only tablet tracking software that is released a few days ago - PeekTab

Recently Retina-X Studios, LLC, has announced the release of the PeekTab, which is the world’s first multi-platform monitoring software for tablets.  This will allow the parents and employers to monitor tablets in complete stealth. This monitoring system has been released for both iPads as well as Android devices. 

PeekTab is designed to track the activity of the tablet, including the gps location, Internet usage (sites, mails, etc), photoes downloaded & taken, programs installed, as well as all the contacts in the tablet. The amazing tablet tracking software can also track the iMessages on iPad, SMS text messages on tablets that has sim slot.

PeekTab tablet tracking program is now compatible with most popular tablet products like iPad, android, blackberry iOS tablets. So with Peektab your kid will be safe from porn sites and employees will not waste their time on games during worktime. Are you interested in this trusted app to track tablet activity?

PeekTab runs silently in the background of the tab and also shows no visible access to the user of the tablet however the tablets activity is recorded and sent to a secure online control panel via internet. This control panel then organizes and displays the information to the parent or the employers from any web browser, enabling remote monitoring of the tablet. 

According to Retina-X Studios CEO James Johns, the tablets are also an internet device which has a potential for internet abuse like the Smartphone or the computers. With the help of this software the customers will be able to see web history, GPS location, photos, text messages, emails and apps installed.

Features of PeekTab Remote Keylogger and Monitoring Software

Web History
PeekTab is the perfect tool to find out what websites your child or employee is viewing online. Once the software is installed onto the tablet, it records all website URLs visited and sends the data to the online control panel.

GPS Locations
Need to verify the exact location of your child or employee's tablet? With PeekTab's GPS Locations feature, you will be able to track the location of the tablet at any given time.

Contact Info
Want to know who your child is contacting with their tablet? Need to keep tabs on your employee's contact list? PeekTab allows you to do just that. This feature records all contacts on the tablet when they are saved.

Need to know what your child is planning on their tablet calendar? With PeekTab you can monitor their tablet calendars and keep track of their scheduled events.

Apps Installed
With the total count for iOS and Android tablet apps now more than 1 million, some of them may be inappropriate for your child, and employees have many options available for wasting time at work. Now you can keep track of their app usage with PeekTab's Tablet App Monitoring feature.

Need to know what emails are being sent and received on the tablet? This powerful feature displays the complete text for all email messages sent and received with time/date, to and from addresses, and subject.
*iPad only

Monitor iMessages on the iPad. Need to know what is in those iMessages that your child or employee is sending and receiving? PeekTab's iMessage Logger records all incoming and outgoing iMessages.
*iPad only

Text Messages*
Worried about your child's text messages? Tablets that have a SIM slot can have their SMS text messages recorded, showing you the full text and the phone number of messages sent and received.
*Android Tablet with SIM slot only

Call Information*
Want to find out who they are calling or who is calling them? Tablets that have a SIM slot can have their phone call information monitored, showing you the phone numbers and time/date of calls made and received.
*Android Tablet with SIM slot only

Apple iPad models and iPad Mini models& tablets running the Android OS.
NOTE: All Apple iPad models and iPad Mini models MUST be jailbroken for the tablet monitoring software to work.  This is an easy free process and is completely reversible.

Where to Buy?
PeekTab is not available at app stores, but can be downloaded at Retina-X Studios, LLC website --

How Much?
PeekTab is affordable and worth every penny you spent. It's only $69.97 (1-year License).

PeekTab Review: Tablet Remote Keylogger and Monitoring Software Reviewed by Unknown on 11:15 PM Rating: 5


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