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Net Spy Pro Review: Network Monitoring Software

net spy pro

Net Spy Pro is among the many monitoring software that enables you to efficiently track employee activity on their computers. The hustle of going round the office checking on your employees is no longer there. This is a genuine Net Spy Pro review that gives you in-depth knowledge on the product and the numerous benefits you stand to gain with this software.

What Is Net Spy Pro

Net Spy Pro is one of the products of Retina-X Studios which is the perfect solution for entrepreneurs, parents and schools. With this amazing employee net monitoring software, it is possible to monitor and control users on almost all types of networks.


Features of Net Spy Pro

Remote Control
Net Spy Pro enables you to do more than just monitor activities on remote computers. You can control a computer by sending commands, mails and even text messages. This means you can gain control of key functions like restarting or even shutting down another user’s computer. Imagine all this can be executed from the comfort of your home, or office seat. This remote control feature makes it a perfect home network monitoring software as, you can track the activities of your kids as any time.

Internet Protocol and Network Service Provider Scanner
This great network spy software comes with an Internet Protocol (IP) address book and an already updated IP. With its network scanner you can easily view data stored on computers. As an employer you are able to know what content your employers store on the computers.

This is of course the main feature of Net Spy Pro as what it does depends on its monitoring ability. Usually small enterprises and schools rely on Local Area Networks to undertake their daily functions (LAN). For a school a LAN will cover the entire schools premises, this makes it cumbersome to know what the teachers and students actually do while connected to the internet. Net Spy Pro has proved to be the most effective LAN monitoring software.

It allows you to form a network, install the program and then select a central spying computer.

Easy to Use
Net Spy Pro has no complexities and is easy to use. In addition you are assured of confidentiality when using it. You would not like your worker, child, or student to know that you are monitoring their activities. Once installed the program does not pop up or show on the task manager.

Uses and Benefits of Net Spy Pro

Net Spy Pro can assist employers, parents and school principals track the activities of their subjects. For business owners they will know what their employees do on a day to day basis. Parents are able to control what their children can access on the internet and school heads monitor what happens at the school laboratory and computer classrooms. In addition, both administrators can block certain applications or websites they do not want their subjects to view.

Saves Time through Logged Monitoring
Net Spy Pro software records all activities in a user’s computer. The systems administrator can view everything including emails, chat conversations on social networks and websites.

Cost Effective
No hardware costs or maintenance is needed once it’s installed. In addition there are no hidden costs like monthly subscriptions.

Ability to View Remote Computers
This net monitor for employees actually allows an administrator to conduct a live surveillance by viewing a workstation from any location. Through this you are able to know the hardworking and lazy employees. In addition having it installed in your home computers makes it a real home network monitoring software for your children.

Promotes Efficiency through Real-time Network Monitoring
This is the best part for users of Net Spy Pro. System administrators are able to view user’s favorite browsers, temporary history, open ports and recent documents. It is no doubt that this is a working LAN monitoring software and a great network spy too.
Take control of your work by using Net Spy Pro. Good news is that the product can work on both windows and Macintosh operating systems. With this great net spy pro review, you do not have to waste any more time. Do not let your business incur loses, yet there is a program that will help you maximize on the available office working hours.

Requirements For the Computer to Monitor
  • PC 433mhz or faster PC with at least 64 MB RAM Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7
  • Mac All Macintosh makes and models running Mac OS X v10.7 Lion*, Mac OS X v10.6 Snow Leopard, and Mac OS X v10.5 Leopard
Where to Buy Net Spy Pro?

You can buy Net Spy Pro at

How Much?
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    Burgundy Candle Diversion Safes

    Burgundy Candle Diversion Safes

    Burn this Candle Up to 4 Hours and Keep Your Valuables Safely Hidden

    • A Real Burning Candle Manufactured with a Metal Container Inside
    • Candles are Great Decorations and Can Be Placed Just About Anywhere
    • Soft Colors Allow this Secret Hidden Compartment Safe to Blend into Your Current Decor

    Burn this candle up to 4 hours and keep your valuables safely hidden. A real burning candle manufactured with a metal container inside. Candles are great decorations and can be placed just about anywhere. The soft colors allow this secret hidden compartment safe to blend right in to your current decor. The bottom of the candle contains a hidden seal that you remove to put valuables inside, then simply put it back in place and set the candle out where it would look best.


    Size 4” x 5 1/2” pillar candle. Premium fossil finish-100% vegetable candle wax. Metal container with threaded insert, hidden inside candle. Secret Compartment size: 3.75” x 2.5”. Weight: 2lb.

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    6.5 Inch 300,000 Volt Stun Gun


    Protect Yourself with this Affordable Stun Gun

    • Non-lethal Self Defense Method
    • Wrist Strap for Added Grip
    • Built-in Safety Switch

    Protect yourself and your loved ones with this easy-to-use and portable stun gun.  With 300,000 volts of electricity, it's sure to disable any attacker.  The wrist strap keeps the stun gun secure on your wrist so that there's less risk of dropping it or having it taken away from you.  The safety switch keeps you from accidentally activating the stun gun and causing injury to yourself or an innocent bystander.


    • Great for Personal Defense

    In the Box

    • 1 6.5 Inch 300,000 Volt Stun Gun
    • 1 Wrist Strap

    Flower Pot Diversion Safe

    Flower Pot Diversion Safe

    Personal Safe Disguised as a Flower Pot Hides Your Valuables

    • Protects Your Valuables from Theft
    • Looks Like a Regular Flower Pot
    • Weighted to Feel Like a Regular Flower Pot
    Experts say that a burglar will spend about 8 minutes in your home. He's in a hurry and will grab the most obvious valuable items. He ain't that bright and follows the course of least resistance. That's why this flower pot diversion safe works so well. Sure the idiots who break into your house may know that a diversion safe exists, but they are scared, rushed and just want to get in, grab what they can and get out. Hiding valuables in a diversion safe makes perfect sense.

    We have a wide variety of personal care, household products and food containers with removable tops and bottoms. They look just like the real items. Valuables can be secretly hidden inside these look-a-like diversion safes and kept in their seemingly rightful places. Each is indistinguishable from the genuine product and is even weighted to feel full. Picking a diversion safe will blend in best with what's in your home.


    Mace Wireless Home Security System

    Mace Wireless Home Security System

    Keep Your Home Safe from Intruders with the Mace® Wireless Security System

     Secure up to 14 zones with this easy-to-install security system from a leader in home protection.
    • 300' Wireless Range
    • Stores Up to 5 Emergency Numbers
    • 105 dB Audible Alarm

    Alert Your Most Important Contacts the Second An Intruder Enters

    The Mace Wireless Home Security System includes a base station, remote control with panic button, wireless door/window sensor, and a wireless motion sensor. Store up to 5 emergency phone numbers to be quick dialed if the system detects an intruder. Customize your system to suit your needs, by adding up to 14 motion or door/window sensors to your base station.

    Why this Security System?

    • Extremely loud alarm deters any potential burglars
    • Inexpensive with no monthly monitoring fees
    • Comes with free door/window sensor and a motion sensor
    When triggered, an ultra-loud 105 dB alarm will sound and the system will automatically call the numbers you've programmed to summon help. No monitoring fees necessary, this is a perfect low-cost solution for anyone in need of a full-featured home security system without any monthly fees.

    • Home Security
    • Business Security
    • Elderly Assistance
    In the Box
    • 1 Mace Wireless Base Station
    • 1 Remote Control
    • 1 Motion Sensor
    • 1 Door/Window Sensor

    GPS Shoe by Aetrex - Velcro

    GPS Shoe by Aetrex

    Keep an Eye On the Ones You Love, One Step at a Time with GPS Shoes

    Pinpoint the elderly or those with special needs instantly, no matter where you are, with these reliable GPS tracking shoes. Never worry about them wandering or getting lost again.
    • On-Demand Location Updates
    • Immediate Notifications if They Leave Home
    • Track Location On Your Computer, Tablet or Phone

    A Giant Step for Elder and Special Needs Care

    With a built-in GPS tracker, these shoes take the worry out of leaving an elderly relative or anyone suffering from dementia or Alzheimer's alone or with a caregiver. Through BrickHouse Security's exclusive, user-friendly GPS platform, you'll be alerted instantly via text or email the moment your loved one exits her home. The shoes can be set to report location every 10 or 30 minutes and, for the first time ever, you can pinpoint the people in your care's location instantly on demand, right from your tablet, PC or smartphone. The reliable, rechargeable battery lasts for three days on a single charge under normal usage.

    The GPS Shoes come in two styles, lace-up or velcro, and two colors, white or black. Both male and female sizes are available. For the lace-up version, click here.

    Note: Your GPS Shoes are shipped to you un-activated. When you receive delivery, you must call the telephone number provided to begin tracking services.


    • Special Needs Monitoring
    • Elder Care


    General Specifications:
    • Dimension: 50mm * 36mm *17mm
    • Weight: 60 g
    • Backup Batteries: Li-Polymer 650 mAh , 3. 7 V
    • Standby Time: Without report: 180 to 220 Hours, 10 minutes report: 38 to 50 Hours
    • Charge Voltage: 5V DC
    GPS Specifications:
    • GPS Chipset: SIRF Star Ill GPS Receiver
    • Sensitivity: Autonomous Acquisition-142 dBm
    • Hot start -155 dBm
    • Tracking -156 dBm
    • Channels: 20 channel ali-in-view tracking
    • TTFF (Open Sky): Cold start 44 s average
    • Warm start <38s
    • Hot start <2 s
    GSM Specifications:
    • Frequency: Quad-Band: 850/900/1800/1900MHz Compliant to GSM phase 2/2+

    Service Plan
    • 10-Minute Updates: $34.95/mo.
    • 30-Minute Updates: $29.95/mo
    Subscriptions are selected and activated when you call after you receive your GPS Shoe by Aetrex.

    In the Box
    • Aetrex GPS Shoe, Powered by BrickHouse Security (Velcro Version)
    • Charger
    • Important Documentation
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    Counter Surveillance System

    Protect Your Valuable Conversations and Locate Bugs with This All-in-One Counter-Surveillance Tool

    This counter-surveillance tool not only blocks most all listening devices, but it also features a built-in RF detector capable of discovering any bugs in your presence.
    • Protects Against All Known Methods of Listening Devices
    • Detects Radio Frequencies 70MHz-3000MHz
    • Fully Portable Design

    This all-in-one counter-surveillance tool will not only block listening devices from listening in on your conversations, but its built-in RF (radio frequency) detector will find any bugs in your immediate surroundings. When used properly, this Portable Speech Protection System will protect you from:
    • Voice recorders (tape and digital)
    • Microphones (including wireless microphones)
    • Stethoscopes, laser listening device
    • GSM/Buletooth/Wi-Fi transmitters, etc
    • Type of Noise: 2 Channel Chaotic Noise (Distortion + Reverberation)
    • Output (Electronic volume control) Built in Speaker:  Max. 500 mW
    • Transducer: Max. 700 mW X 2 with Random  Vibration
    • RF Detector Frequency Range: 70 MHz ~ 3000 MHz
    • RF Detection distance: Up to 3 meters
    • Power Source: 100 V ~ 240 V AC, Car Cigar Jack: 12 V ~ 28 V DC
    • Dimensions (without antennas): 110 W x 135 L x48 H (mm)
    Buy Now

    All-in-One RF Bug Detector

    All-in-One RF Bug Detector

    Protect Your Privacy at Home or On the Go With This Easy-to-Use Wireless RF Bug Detector The RF Bug 

    Detector finds phone taps, hidden cameras, GPS trackers, cell phone bugs and more.
    • Easy-To-Use; Flip the Switch to Start Detecting
    • Detects Analog, Digital & Spread Spectrum Up To 25 Ft.
    • Incredible Detection Range Up To 9 GHz

    A Simple Solution for Bug Detection

    As surveillance technology gets smaller and more sophisticated, it's rarely obvious when someone is watching you or listening in on your conversations. Alleviate any doubt with the portable RF Bug Detector. This device operates as both an RF frequency detector, securing against wireless cameras and listening devices as well as GPS trackers, and a phone tap detector to warn you in case of phone bugging.

    The RF bug detection function is simple to use. Just turn the device on and its 3 LEDs will alert you to the presence of any devices transmitting a wireless signal up to 25 feet away, depending on signal strength. This includes wireless listening devices and cameras, as well as GPS tracking devices. The stronger the signal, the more LEDs will illuminate.

    The phone jack adapter allows you to connect the device to any landline telephone. It will alert you to the presence of listening devices like the Infinity bug, or hook-switch bypass, which turn your phone's receiver into a microphone someone can use to listen in on private conversations. The telephone tap detect LED will immediately let you know if someone is listening in on your private conversations.

    Also included is a “white noise” generator CD. Use any CD player to emit acoustic masking sound that will baffle the microphones in audio recorders and transmitters.

    • Scan Your Home For Any Bugs
    • Find Hidden Cameras In Dressing Rooms
    • Power: 9v Battery
    • Antenna: Internal
    • Detection Spectrum: 9 GHz
    • Detection Range: Up to 25'
    • 2 x 3.5 mm audio jack
    In the Box 
    • One Radio Frequency Bug Detector
    • Earphone Jack
    • Earphones
    • White Noise Generator CD
    Buy Now

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